What we do

As a beginning 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization we are largely focused on fundraising and creating a positive impact on our community. Here are our upcoming fundraising events and the action we’re taking to improve the lives of our northland community members who have been affected by domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking.

Upcoming fundraisers

Date: August 2 (6pm-8:30pm) Drunken Spelling Bee at the Thirsty Bull Saloon. Purchase a ticket and take a shot at winning our 2024 Drunken Spelling Bee. Several exciting prizes will be given away! Tickets are on sale now! CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

Upcoming Events

Your Tribe: A support group for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and/or human trafficking; we invite you to join us on the last Thursday of every month @ 5pm. Our support group is held at Park Hill Christian Church. Child supervision is provided. We look forward to seeing you!

Children’s Support Group: For children whose lives have been impacted by domestic violence, sexual assault, or human trafficking. This group is for children and led by children who have shared in the same experiences. Take this opportunity to introduce your child(ren) to others who know the impact of community violence. This support group allows children to play and heal together. Hosted at English Landing Park in Parkville Missouri, on August 25th @ 5pm, weather permitting. We will meet at the fountain near Waddell Bridge. We look forward to seeing you!


Memorial Petition: Join us in establishing a Kansas City memorial for victims of domestic violence who have lost their lives. SIGN HERE!

Client Advocate Volunteers: Our client advocate volunteers are available 24/7. When our clients have experienced abuse or violence and feel abandoned or alone, we provide them with a client advocate who acts as a person of support. Our client advocates are not trained to provide professional medical or legal advice. A client advocate is an individual that volunteers their time to be physically present in the lives of our victims while they face the difficulties associated with actively seeking justice. In the event a client calls us prior to seeking medical attention we will dispatch a volunteer to the medical facility of their choosing, so a person of support is present at all times. If our clients are left without support when facing their abusers in court our client advocate volunteers are happy to accompany our clients to hearings and trial.

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Birthday Parties: Children in the foster care system struggle with navigating their feelings and adjusting to a new lifestyle. By providing birthday parties for these children, free of cost to families, we are aiding in creating a seamless transition. Our hope is that through this program the children whose lives we impact feel celebrated and loved during a period of adjustments and uncertainty. If you are currently a placement for a foster child, please connect with us so we can work together at designing an incredible birthday experience. We have free party packages available for children of all ages!

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Rideshare: Funded by donations, The 99 supports our victims in fleeing from violence. For our clients who have a safety plan in place, but lack a means of transportation, we provide rideshare vouchers through Lyft to ensure they are transported to a safe location. Victims of domestic violence are often left feeling stranded without an escape because their abuser has hidden their keys or restricted their vehicular use. We combat these unfortunate circumstances by providing these victims with an alternate way out.

Financial Literacy Courses: Children aging out of the foster care system, families working towards reunification, and individuals escaping violent relationships can largely benefit from our financial literacy courses. We have partnered with First Federal Bank of Kansas City to provide this free service to our community members in need. Participating in a financial literacy course will improve budgeting skills, alleviate stress, and provide our clients with a sense of empowerment. Consider signing up for a course today! Sign Up

Support Groups: Our support groups are led by our client advocates/volunteers and not trained professionals. Join us at Park Hill Christian Church and take advantage of this opportunity to conversate with peers who are experiencing similar struggles while we stroll through the park. Our goal is that you leave our support group with an improved mental state and new coping skills. Our support groups are held monthly. Watch our upcoming events section or follow us on Facebook to see when our next support group is being held.

Educational Workshops/Training: Many times, a victim may find themselves desperate for help in a public setting and they consider these moments an opportunity to escape safely. The 99 is actively seeking local bars that have interest in establishing a safety plan in the event they are approached by a victim in need. We will provide educational material and training on how to appropriately handle this situation so that your staff is prepared. We will also provide you with the supplies needed to advertise to victims that your location is safe and prepared to assist. Certificates for completed training will also be provided. Contact us to further discuss this opportunity.

Community Service Hours: We offer verifiable community service hours through Uncover KC. Our volunteer opportunities are frequently listed via their database. If you’re a young adult needing to satisfy your community service requirements, please consider connecting with Uncover KC to begin working with our program.